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Lead Architect for Platform Emulation (f/m/div)* (#16-1-2da4cef33109)

Have you heard of Infineon´s ambitious masterplan to develop our next
hybrid automotive microprocessor-microcontroller generation? Do you
want to shape the future of smarter, safer and connected cars by
solving complex technical challenges? Then we have a great opportunity
for you! As a Lead Architect for Emulation you will act as a key
driver in our new Platform Architecture Team to evaluate and benchmark
the performance of our novel automotive platform. With this position
you will be entering our Technical Ladder: a special career path for
those who share innovative ideas, demonstrate comprehensive technical
knowledge, show thought leadership, possess problem solving abilities
and are able to create business value. This position can be filled in
Munich, Duisburg or Langen.


In your new role you will:

* Be responsible for the evaluation of architecture use cases needed
to benchmark the performance of an architecture proposal and to make
the right architecture decisions
* Emulate important architecture use cases on an (FPGA) emulator
platform and interact with your peers working on simulations
* Contribute to identifying and defining the critical use cases
* Furthermore, refine the use cases and derive and own the test cases
* Own and develop the environment in order to execute and evaluate
the test cases on existing FPGA infrastructure
* Profile and benchmark the performance of the architecture in the
selected use cases
* Execute test cases and collect the results in a systematic form to
identify and performance bottlenecks and to contribute to solutions
within the cross-functional architecture team
* Finally, evaluate and present the result as they are needed for
architectural decisions


You have a clear notion of how innovation contributes to the
commercial success of the company, you constantly gain new insights by
questioning existing assumptions and you inspire others for your ideas
explaining even complex issues in a clear and convincing manner?
Furthermore, you accept responsibility for decisions and for their
positive or negative outcomes taking on new challenges without knowing
the right path to an eventual solution in advance. If you remain aware
of the big picture even in complex situations and take decisions
despite uncertain circumstances, then you should join our team!

You are best equipped for this task if you have:

* At least 10+ years of experience in technical roles in the area of
SoC architectures and implementation in leading edge manufacturing
* Profound understanding of high-performance embedded compute
architectures, multi-core subsystems, related memory hierarchies and
coherency solutions
* Hands-on experience with state-of-the-art interconnect solutions
such as crossbars or networks-on-chip supporting quality-of-service,
security and functional safety features
* Detailed knowledge about industry-standard bus protocols, e.g. AMBA
and its variants AHB, AXI, ACE, CHI
* Good understanding of manufacturing technologies from leading-edge
semiconductor foundries and their IP ecosystem
* Experience with architecture exploration and performance simulation
of interconnect and compute elements
* Automotive domain knowledge is an essential plus i.e. in terms of
microcontroller and processor architectures for automotive
* Functional Safety and Security experience is a plus (e.g.
experience with development according to ISO26262 or ISO21434)
* Professional self-organization and leadership skills
* The ability to work in cross-functional teams and a multi-cultural


* Möglichkeit für Coaching, Mentoring & Netzwerken
* Trainingsangebot & strukturierte Entwicklungsplanung
* Möglichkeit zur internationalen Entsendung
* Verschiedene Karrierepfade: Project Management, Technical Ladder,
Management & Individual Contributor
* Flexible Arbeitszeit: Vertrauensgleitzeit
* Möglichkeit zum Home Office
* Offenheit für Teilzeit (auch in der Elternzeit)
* Sabbatical
* Kindergarten am Standort
* Ferienbetreuung
* Sozialberatung & Betriebsarzt
* Gesundheits- & Vorsorgeprogramme
* Fitness-Studio
* Kantine
* Versicherungsangebot zu attraktiven Konditionen
* Lohnfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall
* Arbeitgeberfinanzierte betriebliche Altersvorsorge
* Offenheit für flexiblen Übergang in die Altersrente
* Erfolgsbonus
* Vergünstigtes Jobticket
* Barrierefreiheit
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